Ancient Wisdom for the New Human

​​​​Would you like to live a longer, healthier and more abundant life?
The Lemurian Wisdom School is dedicated to sharing the Ancient Wisdom on Healing and Rejuvenation
given to us by the Great Teachers the Star Mothers or the Seven Sisters and passed down
Mother to Daughter from the time of Lemuria and the Garden of Eden to Avalon, Alba, Eire & beyond 
Have you ever heard the name Lemuria or Mu and wondered what it was all about?
Does it call your name in the wee small hours making you search for more meaning in your life?

Lemuria or Mu was the name given to the first civilisation on this planet, it was a peaceful community where men & women lived in harmony,
each honouring, respecting the gifts of the other. The Men provided food & protection for the village,Women were the keepers of Wisdom, Medicine Women & Teachers

As darkness decended on the planet it became dangerous to share this knowledge and for many lifetimes women and Priestesses have had to keep this information hidden in Mystery Schools, 

We have entered a new era and it is time to bring this ancient knowledge & wisdom back out into the open and create the New Lemuria and peace on earth, this is the time you have waited for - This is what you were born for
Now is the time to create these new empowered communities    

When we partner consciously with the Energies of Gaia our Earth Mother in combination with the Wisdom of the Star Mothers our triad is complete and we begin the journey home to the God and Goddess inside 


​​Healing types – Energy Healing v Hands on Healing 
Energy Healing - Stargate, Wheel of Balance etc. -
Generally hands off, where a facilitator guides the energies which are entangled with the energies of the one on the table or chair. Works best for those who are on a spiritual or healing journey and understand the profundity of free choice and intent to heal 
Hands on Healing - Reiki, Lemurian Heart Healing - Requires actual touch. Although sharing with friends is a wonderful experience, hands on healing works best when the healer has a higher vibration than the healee.

The act of touching creates the bond & anchors the new vibration, verbal consent to heal will improve the results
Vibrational Healing - Tuning Forks, Crystals, Music, Drumming, Essences etc - A process whereby vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energetic bodies, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced in the human physical or auric body are adjusted.
In modern life we are constantly subjected to stress, anxiety and pressure which can build up causing our body to sucumb to illness and disease and our minds to become overwhelmed and shut down 
By receiving regular healing from others and learning self balance techniques we can begin to reverse the effects of stress and disease on our lives and begin to experience healthier, happier & more abundant lives
We all need a little extra support occassionally to stay physically, emotionally & Spiritually healthy & balanced
why not book a little me time just for you and get the Joy back in your life
call today and find out how we can support you or your family


Children of Mu - Mindfulness & Meditation 
Todays children often have to cope with many different situations and unfamiliar challenges like exams, relationships and general pressures of growing up causing anxiety, depression & anger
Here we offer a range of activities that can help them cope with these modern day pressures and give them the tools to thrive and find their own unique gifts and skills  

UK Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles - Scotland & Glastonbury
Honouring & Empowering the Sacred Feminine
A circle of joyful women is the most powerful force on earth,
when we join together with a common goal we can move mountains & create new societies
As we celebrate our wisdom, beauty & courage we create a bright new future for the next generation
Join us and share your joys, fears, hopes and dreams in the safety of the sacred circle

From Lemuria till today this is the moment you have been waiting for
Reawaken your Divine Feminine Essence, activate your Lemurian DNA and be initiated into 
The Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters and the Daughters of Mu 

3 Day Temple of Rejuvenation Intensive
Honouring and Empowering the Sacred Feminine
Heal & Recalibrate your life with the support of Gaia our Earth Mother & the Great Teachers the Star Mothers  We will combine the energies of the Stargate with those of the Lemurian Wheel of Balance to assist you in recalibrating your energy field to that of your own personal Divine Human Template,
your ancestors are waiting to support you in accessing your core beliefs & releasing all that no longer serve you - get ready to enjoy a longer, happier and more abundant life