About Lemurian Sisterhood  
The original Lemurian Sisterhood was practiced within all parts of Lemuria, both the mother mountain, and the descendant islands and mainland settlements. It lasted far past the “akashic growth centuries” and continued to spread around the earth until it was all but forgotten due to survival attributes and the beginning of the conquering eras of your history.

It outlasted the “exclusive expression” attributes of the original Lemuria and made it into some of the most secret societies all over the Earth. It was renamed and even denied by those women who kept it dear, but eventually the Priestesses themselves perished due to the unbalance that was rolling over Humanity. But it never left the akash of the old soul.

Like the whisper of a past love, it was always ready to re-emerge & rekindle itself with the fire of compassion for all of Humanity.

Kryon – Lee Carroll.
Amber Mele'ha Wolf, PhD is the creator & facilitator of the Global Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars.

Amber has a sacred assignment to help awaken all Sisters to the core Lemurian seeds within their DNA.
Her personal Lemurian Sisterhood initiation occurred on 9/9/11 and On 10/10/11 she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll (Kryon) to re-create the ancient sacred Lemurian ceremonies.

The Lemurian Sisterhood made its debut appearance on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.

Amber continues to receive and channel information and guidance through her ongoing connection with the Lemurian energies. Each initiation and activation she receives helps her steward the evolution of the Lemurian Sisterhood to help bridge ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. Amber carries the loving message of the Lemurian Sisters to the women of the world throughout the United States, Canada and South America. Amber is willing to travel to where ever she is called to offer these seminars in love and service.


I first met Amber along with the amazing Sid Wolf & Lee Carroll at the Kryon Discovery workshop in 2006 and was blown away with the energy connection with this wonderful team.

After attending my first (in this life time) Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle at the Kryon Discovery seminar in Mount Shasta in 2013, I could deny the call no longer & had the honour of becoming a certified host in July 2016 

UK Sacred Circles
The UK branch had its first Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle on the 9th September 2016 (9/9/9)

In 2017 while living off grid in North Devon I began to receive information from the Star Mothers about a "Wheel"
The Wheel contained elements of sacred Geometry that would Rebalance & Rejuvenate our lives & the
Daughters of Mu was re born

From 2018 the focus of the UK Lemurian Sisterhood will be the Star Mothers Teaching Wheel and will become the Lemurian Sisterhood & Daughters of Mu to reflect our deeper connection to the Star Mothers

This Ancient Wisdom from the Star Mothers will help you to release anything that is holding you back,
it will help you rebalance and bring more joy and abundance into your life,

The Sacred Circles are here to support you and led by YOU so don't be shy in coming forward to join your sisters,
we are all one and together we can change the world 

Kryon Disovery Loveland California 2006
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