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Amber Wolf, PhD is the creator and original facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars and has undertaken a sacred assignment to help awaken all Sisters to the core Lemurian seeds within their DNA. Her personal Lemurian Sisterhood initiation occurred on 9/9/11 and on 10/10/11 she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll to re-create the ancient sacred Lemurian ceremony.

The Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar made its debut appearance on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.
Amber continues to receive and channel information and guidance through her ongoing connection with the Lemurian energies. Each initiation and activation she receives helps her steward the evolution of the Lemurian Sisterhood to help bridge ancient wisdom with modern knowledge.

In 2016 Amber twas guided to roll out this sacred work to Lemurian sisters accross the globe who felt ready to step up and remember the part they plated in the past to create empowerment and honor for all women through the

Lemurian Sisterhood® Worldwide Sacred Circles.