Children of Mu - Children of the New Lemuria
Healing & Rebalance Sessions for Children - Rainbow, Indigo, Crystal, Star or Otherwise

Children are our future and we owe it to them to provide the best start possible

Medicine Circles 
Lemurian Teaching Wheel Circles for girls only and mixed circles for girls and boys

Reflections club

Healing Sessions for children
Do you have a sensitive child who finds the world a harsh and difficult place to be
are they sad, angry, confused or lost
Lemurian Healing will help them to find their own unique gift & purpose in life

Lemurian Baby Blessings, Healing & Baby Naming Ceremonies.
Each new baby born in the new energy even if they are only with us a short time carries a special vibration that has the potential to create peace on earth
They will respond particularly well to the Lemurian Healing Vibration
Coming of Age Ceremonies
For young girls reaching puberty who would like to mark the occassion with a special bespoke ceremony