Reiki for Horses Training Courses

Our Reiki, Healing & Horse Whispering Courses are run on either a 1-1 basis or small group of friends sharing
this allows for a more sacred approach to the work along with more individual attention

Horses have done so much for us over the years now its time for us to give something back by introducing some energy healing into their daily routine

Reiki can be useful for many conditions, has no side effects and can often succeed when all else has failed, horses are very sensitive to Reiki & just as in humans they may chose to heal emotionally or physically.

 Physical conditions

The energy stimulates the horse's natural endorphins, reducing pain and easing emotional distress.
It can be used alongside conventional veterinary care & will assist in the speedy recovery of injuries or after surgery. Reiki for horses is also very useful in managing behavioural difficulties which are often caused by stress or from some of the horses basic needs not being met.

 emotional or behavioural issues
Reiki Healing helps to re balance the horses energy system and once the stress level dissipates often the behaviour will reduce or in some instances disappear altogether.

 Reiki and Energy Healing for horses may help with
Recovery from injury or veterinary treatment
Calm and relax nervous horses
Assist in the maintenance of joint problems
Any emotional problem
Weaning and Training


Introduction to Healing & Horse Whispering
This is a 1 day non certificated course that will help you to bond with your own horse
1 day workshop costs £ 75 or £50 for 2 people sharing

Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering Courses level 1 & 2
This course if for horse lovers who would prefer a more formal approach to learning Healing for Horses
Each level will last one day and has a pre requisite of having completed a regular Usui Reiki training course
either with ourselves or another approved Reiki Master Teacher.

There will be a mixture of indoor learning and plenty of hands on experience with a variety of mustangs,
there may be opportunities to work with our Spanish Mustang stallion & foals depending on the time of year
there will also be some home work exercises

On completion of the Course you will receive a certificate and manual
£150 per person per level on a 1-1 basis or £100 each per level for 2 or more people booking together

Combined Reiki for Horses & Humans level 1 & 2
This is a five day training course which will cover all aspects of Reiki for Horses & Humans 
It can be completed on a flexible basis and has some homework exercises
On completion of the course you will receive a manual and certificates for both Human & Equine Reiki

£600 per person on a 1-1 basis or £450 each for 2 or more booking together
(£150 non refundable depost required on booking)

 Advanced Equine Reiki for Professional practice -

This course is for horse lovers that know from the outset that they intend to set up an Equine Healing business

Learn with the Medicine Pony Mustangs
Courses are held at Powmill, Scotland and run from Spring Equinox to Autumn Equinox