About - Laura Barbour - Mehalia
Daughter of Mu Teacher & Wisdom Woman 

Born in Scotland & have always enjoyed a spiritual connection with water divas,nature sprites, spending most of my chidhood watching frogs in the ponds, wandering in the woods & hanging out with various herds of Ponies.
I also had a great longing to communicate with the Stars & the Moon, patiently waiting patiently for my star family to return

As my daughters grew up I spent time studying with some wonderful healers & teachers and in 2001 I was introduced to the work of Kryon / Lee Carrol  through the book
"the Jouney Home",

after reading this I was hooked and life took on a whole new era & in 2003 
I felt the pull to leave Scotland & re locate to the South West where I begin to explore the sacred sites & Celtic energies of the South West & begin working with the Gaia Grid
                After many years of solitary healing work with animals & children in Scotland, I moved to North Devon in 2003 to set up a Reiki and Equine Therapy Centre for Children and Adults.
finally meeting Lee Carroll & Dr Amber Wolf in 2006 at a Kryon Discovery workshop & in 2013 
     I attended my first in person Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle at the foot of
 Mount Shasta & the Portal to the Lemurian City of Telos

Being a manifestor learning the art of patience !! it has at times been frustrating to be so physically far away from the wonderful events as the sisterhood unfolded even though deep down I knew that spirit had a plan but when?

and Kryon would say
"who told you it was now: wait for the synchronicity"  

Well finally that waiting for synchronicity has paid off and just as Amber rolled out her
"Authorised Host programme"  for the Lemurian Sisterhood Circles
I find myself in the right space at the right time ready to re claim my akashic Lemurian Wisdom as I step into this new era of  sacred sisterhood where women of all ages are ready to take back their Power

In 2017 life took another twist as I began channelling information from the Star Mothers leading to
Daughters of Mu Wisdom School & the new Wheel of Balance Teachings

In 2018 after attending the Lemurian / Avalon Choir in Glastonbury with Amber, Lee and Dr Todd I was guided to return to Scotland and anchor the energy of the teaching Wheel there
so here we are back to where we started ready to begin a new Era

To all the sisters out there who feel the pull to change the planet

the Goddess in Me greets the Goddess in You

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the perfect moment

lots of love and light
 Laura xxx

Meha lia