Lemurian Heart Healing
Transformational Healing for a new Era

Lemurian heart healing is a gentle & compassionate healing modality from the days of the Lemuria that will help you to release past emotional wounds and assist you in returning to the perfect version of you  

 Healing your Heart
 The key to a healthy and abundant life is a joyful & compassionate heart
Together we will explore the long forgotten emotional wounds hiding deep inside that are holding you back

Hands on Healing 
No matter what the issue is there is nothing to beat some gentle hands on healing   
This is a sacred time set aside just for you, where you can lie back, relax and allow your body to receive the unconditional loving energy that it needs to re balance & re calibrate 

just as we did in the days of Lemuria


No two Lemurian Heart Healing sessions will be the same
My role is to be here holding sacred space allowing as body, mind & spirit rebalance in the perfect way for

     Lemurian Healing sessions will last approxamately 1 Hour and are available for men & women of all ages from new born babes to end of life sessions, they can either be given on a therapy table or hospital bed

Energy Exchange = £30