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How long are your Telomeres?

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of each strand of our DNA that protect our chromosomes,

Over time these protective caps become damaged and can no longer protect the ends of our DNA

When the telomere becomes too short, the chromosome reaches a ‘critical length’ and can no longer be replicated, this ’critical length’ triggers the cell to die

This is the main cause of ageing, illness and ulltimately death.

Re set and Re calibrate your DNA back to the perfect template that you were born with

When we are born our telomeres range in length from around 8,000 to 13,000 base pairs.
They tend to decline by around 20-40 base pairs each year which means that by the time we are 40 we could have lost up to 1,600 base pairs from our telomeres

The rate of decline is increased by stress; emotional, physical, mental and environmental

The good news is that regular Rejuvenation & Rebalance sessions can slow down or even reverse the rate of decline allowing us to live longer, healthier and experience more abundane in our lives.

This is a wonderful process for chronic conditions particularly where pain is a factor
you will take an active part in the process of recalibrating your cells anchoring your new state with some hands on healing