New Moon Healing with the Star Mothers

New monthly multi-dimensional healing circle will take place during each new moon

If you would like to receive a New Moon blessing or healing from the Star Mothers please add your name to the list or if you prefer to remain anonymous at this stage you may still join us energetically each month

 There is no cost – just let us know, state your intention for healing & allow the Magic to unfold

Multi dimensional attendance is free

 Depending on which day of the week the new moon falls for each month there will be an opportunity to join us physically in a variety of locations
Physical attendance is by donation (suggested minimum of £5)

The new moon is a time for new beginnings & perfect time to make a fresh start on any healing programme
Which aspect of personal healing would you like to focus on this month?

The March new moon coincides with our Lemurian Sisterhood meeting
you are welcome to join us at the beginning of the circle adding your intention to the group energy
with the option to stay on for the full sacred circle or leave after the healing dedication  

New Moon Healing sessions are available for both men and woman