Reiki Healing & Courses
Heal, Recalibrate & Rebalance

 Reiki can help you cope with illness & stress by encouraging deep relaxation, promoting a calm peaceful sence of well being & bringing balance to body, mind & emotions.

Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices, such as improving diet, taking more exercise, devoting time for rest or leisure activities, and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco.

By creating greater inner harmony & balance, regular treatments promote a calmer response to life’s challenges.
Reiki’s gentle energy is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnant mothers, the new-born, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation.

With over 20 years of experience I am fully insured to provide Reiki to children, adults and horses / animals
I offer regular table top sessions lasting between 45 minutes to an hour or shorter seated sessions which normally last 30 minutes, for children who dislike touch I am happy to take a more creative approach 

Reiki Home Visits

Reiki and Respite Care

Reiki for Horses

learn some simple techniques for Self Healing

Reiki level 1 & 2
Reiki for Children
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