Reiki  for Children

I have been providing Reiki to children for 18 years now and have found it very beneficial for children with both emotional & physical issues.

Children are very open to energy & often heal much faster than adults, it can help them sleep & cope better with day to day stresses of life

It has worked well for children with
Adhd, Anger , Autism, Attachment Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Childhood Arthritis, Trisomy 18, Cerebal Palsy, Batens Disease, Migraine, IBS, Cancer, Immune Disorders 

For children undergoing invasive medical treatment such as chemotherapy it can help ease pain and anxiety

It has also been beneficial during End of life care & bereavement

Children's Reiki sessions can be hands on or hands off for children with sensory issues
Some children feel more grown up having their session on the therapy tabe while others enjoy the peanut ball

For more information on how Reiki Healing might help your child please get in touch
Children's Reiki sessions are available in Cumbernauld and cost £20
Home & Hospice Visits are available throughout North Lanarkshire and can be combined with Respite care