Reiki Healing & Rebalance for Horses

Reiki for horses is useful for many conditions, has no side effects & will often succeed when all else has failed. The Reiki energy will stimulate their natural endorphins, reduce pain and ease emotional distress,
it can be used alongside conventional veterinary care, assisting in the speedy recovery of injuries after surgery

Horses are very sensitive to Reiki energy and will often doze during and after their session
can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to keep your horse in good contition

Reiki will often work faster than in humans as horses don't have years of negative conditioning about what is and isnt possible, just as in humans they may chose to heal emotionally or physically.

can also be very useful in managing behavioural difficulties which are often caused by stress or from some of the horses basic needs not being met. It will help re balance the horse emotionally and once the stress level has dissipated often the behaviour will reduce or in some instances disappear altogether.

Reiki Healing for horses may help with
Recovery from injury or veterinary treatment
Calm and relax nervous horses
Assist in the maintenance of Arthritis or joint problems
Stressful Weaning Situations
Training and confidence issues
Any emotional problem
Behaviour issues

Seperation anxiety
Improving sluggish immune system
End of life care

Each session will be led by the comfort and emotional well being of the individual horse, normally last between 30 minutes to an hour and can be given hands on or hands off
please allow extra time during the initial visit to fill out the healing questionaire

Home visits are available within North Lanarkshire
30 pence per mile Central Scotland
Initial visit costs £45 per horse - subsequent visits cost £30 per horse
discounts available for more than one horse per yard ​  

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NB - some issues may require permission from your vet before receiving Reiki,