Combined Reiki level 1 - Shoden and Reiki level 2 - Okuden

Reiki for Self Healing
Reiki level one or Shoden is the ideal place to begin
you will learn basic Reiki techniques that will help you to release stress and find peace in your day to day life
we will mostly work on the physical level
the course is normally run over 2 days (12 hours) - you will receive a certificate and manual

Reiki 1 can be taken as a stand alone course for general relaxation or as a prerquisite to further study

Reiki for sharing - learn to give and to recieve
Reiki level 2 - Okuden builds on the skills we learned at level one,
here is where we introduce working with the sacred symbols along with emotional and distance healing
 Reiki 2 is also run over 2 days or 12 hours

Combined level 1 and 2
Although it is true that you cannot move straight into Reiki 2 with no reflection time, we recommend that in todays fast paced energy taking level 1 and 2 as one course will anchor the Reiki energy more fully into your energy field and give you the best chance of success

you will receive attunements and a comprehensive manual with time for self healing and sharing with others
total face to face time for the combined Reiki 1& 2 is 24 hours with extra time for self healing & case studies
you will receive a level 1 certificate on the fourth day and a level 2 certificate on completion of case studies

Cost of combined Reiki 1 and 2 is £400  1-1 or £350 for 2 sharing
(£150 non refundable deposit required on booking)