Lemurian Sisterhood and Daughters of Mu
Dates of next Sacred Circles 
Dates of Sacred Circles
text or call 07392185022 for more informaion

2018 Dates

Friday 7th December - 7pm - Cumbernauld (Glasgow)
New Moon Healing with the Star Mothers
This is a new circle If you are able to join us in person please do
if not you can join the circle energetically by adding your intention for healing to the circle -
if there is anything in particular you would like help with let me know in advance

2019 Dates
Other than our regular new moon healing circles and local meet ups
The UK Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles will combine with the Daughters of Mu Wisdom School where our focus will be working with the Lemurian Teaching Wheel

Come to the Circle Daughters of Mu - Come the Circle - the Star Mothers are calling YOU!
I am currently compiling 3 lists if you are interested in any of the following please text or call 07392185022 for more information

* online Zoom meetups
these have been working well for the international group

* Glastonbury Sacred Circle - Spring
4 Hour Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circle followed by Daughters of Mu Lemurian Teaching Wheel

* Cumbernauld Sacred Circle and Meet ups
Coffee Shop Meet ups
Regular New Moon Healing Circles
4 Hour Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles followed by Lemurian Teaching Wheel

* Sacred Circles throughout Scotland -
I am happy to travel to Glasgow, Edinburgh & Aberdeen for a minimum of 8 Women,