Healing & Re Balance in the Temple of Rejuventaion

Healing - the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

Rebalance - restore the correct balance to; balance again or differently

Rejuvenation - the process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital.

The Original Lemurian Temple of Rejuvenation
In ancient Lemuria there were Temples of Rejuvenation where the chosen few would receive regular healing sessions which enabled them to live much longer than the average lifespan .

The Healing techniques were kept secret, known only by a select few & over time were lost until now when though akashic remembrance those teachings are gradually being brought forward by those who practiced them eons ago and are now being offered through priestesses of the Lemurian Sisterhood just as we did before

There was a special group of Lemurians who were able to use the Temple of Rejuvenation on a regular basis.
It greatly extended their lives. They were the royalty and the "keeper of secrets." They outlived most of the other Lemurians by up to three times, but they needed to, since they were the ones with the original knowledge.
This was the way of preserving the ancient ways in Lemuria and keeping the sacred information pure.

The way the temples were reported to have worked, or the lore of the temples, is that a person would go into the temple and they would undergo a process that was particularly driven by magnetics.
Three days later, they would be biologically three years younger.
If someone did this every three years, they could literally sustain a particular biological age almost indefinitely
 Dr Todd.
Healing and the Temple of Rejuvenation 
The Healing Temple or the Temple of Rejuvenation as it was known then was a place of profound Healing.
It is said that 3 days in the Temple would recalibrate your DNA back to its perfect template extending your life by 3 years.

Communicating with the Star Mothers
The Temple also provided a safe and nurturing space of high energy that facilitated communication with family

Temple of Rejuvenation 3 day intensives-
While I can't guarantee that attending a 3 day Temple of Rejuvenation intensive will give you imortality
but it will awaken your cells to new healing potentials, improve the quality of your life leaving you feeling more peaceful and who knows what may happen next