Messages from the Star Mothers

During the spring of 2017 while living off grid and totally immersed in Gaia I received the call from the Star Mothers to step up to the next level of service & introduce the Daughters of Mu Wheel of Balance

I was given information on the shape and spin of the wheel along with the activities and ceremonies for each spoke 

The Star Mothers said that when we learned to spin this wheel it would
re balance our lives

The next piece of information to come through was about the Star Mother Drum and The Mirror & told (You will Drum to the Heart Beat of the Mother)

There was also information on the teachings of Anna and Sacred Geometry

A few weeks later I was given the Remembering Song 
sung by the Star Mothers to help us learn the steps & balance our wheels 
Some of this information I have been sitting on since 2003 when we attended the Kryon Discovery in Colorado
 (for those that follow Kryon you might be familiar with the "who told you to do it now! statement)
It wasn't until half way through 2017 that we got - the Time is NOW ! 

During the Return to Lemuria Seminar in December 2018 Lee Carrol / Kryon channelled additional information on the Teaching Wheel including the names of the spokes

The information continues to unfold as I follow the guidance from the Star Mothers step by step,