Laura Barbour
 Working with the Lemurian Wheel of Balance timeline

I thought I would share this as it might help others to see how sometimes your path can be full of twists and turns
2006 - I first felt guided to work with the Lemurian Wheel after a Kryon Discovery event in Colorado, it was during one of the breakout sessions with Sid and Amber Wolf that I began to feel the nudge to start work on what I then though was a new “Medicine Wheel” called the WAY of the Medicine Pony

By 2007 it had become - ”Reflections of a Medicine Pony” We were working at that point with a few Exmoor ponies and the Children who attended the Reflections Club Medicine Circle were between age 8 and 14, they were mostly diagnosed with ADHD and the group worked fairly well, however I always felt that there was a missing element, despite that the Children were having fun so we carried on with the programme.

2013– well what can I say about 2013!. The upside was we went to another Kryon discovery, this time to Shasta the home of the Lemurians in Telos. We came back from Shasta on a high, full of hope for the bright new future, well you know what they say about the plans of mice and men! We got back to find that the funding had run out for our little project and the less said about the next 3 years the better – let’s just say we had more than a few shadows to contend with and leave it at that!!

In 2016 I signed up as a host for the Lemurian Sisterhood and almost immediately the wheel began to make itself known again, at first it was all very disjointed and information came in randomly. By the end of 2016 we were still living off grid and now Kryon and Gaia had gotten in on the act. Slowly the information began to make sense and not one but 3 Lemurian Wheels began to take shape – all very similar and sharing the same core truths but with slightly different flavours.

The important information that was stressed over and over was –
To create Change Each spoke must be balanced in order for your Personal Wheel to Spin.

Where before the Reflections of the Medicine Pony Wheel had four spokes and remember it didn’t quite spin?
We now had the 5 spoke “Way of the Medicine Pony Wheel” for our Equine friends and the Daughters of Mu Lemurian Wheel for our more esoteric minded friends. For the 3d everyday world of children we had the Children of Mu and the Elemental Wheel with the Unicorns, Dragons, Angels, Fairies, Dolphins and Mer People taking centre stage. Each Wheel sharing the same core information just taught in a slightly different colour or flavour giving something for everyone – or so I thought

2017 seemed to be the Gaia year and after a nudge from the Fae off we went to join the Kryon Gaia tour in Ireland by now the Wheel information was becoming more familiar, I was still a bit unsure as it didn’t seem to fit what other people were doing and trusted teachers all looked at me as if I was a bit mad, but that’s me all over dancing to a different tune and the guides would say –“Live it – Be it” and it will all unfold.

By this time my obsession had taken hold and everywhere I went I saw a wheel, I drove everyone mad by making wheels out of everything, a bit like Blue Peter the house was filled with makeshift wheels made out of all manner of things indoor and out, even mashed potatoes could be made into a wheel!!!    

Christmas 2017 Well I never!!  The Channels by Lee Carrol and Kryon at the Return to Lemuria event introduced us to
yet another Wheel of Balance!,

I couldn’t believe it when this new wheel also had the same lessons and it was also called
“the Wheel of Seeking Balance – there is that word BALANCE again –

the language used was slightly different and this one also has light language but amazingly the core lessons were pretty much the same – Why should we really be surprised x

2018 began like a whirlwind as we continued our preparations to anchor the Wheel of Balance in Glastonbury in preparation for Dr Todd and the Pineal Choir and the activation of the Glastonbury Node.

So here we are , 2018 is almost over and we have now made the great move North where after being guided to return home in order to “Keep the Wheel Energy Pure” as it begins to trickle through the cracks in the veil.
The Star Mothers seem pretty excited & new information on the Wheel seems to come through on a regular basis
right now the Star Mothers have asked me to begin working with the birthing wheel which was a bit unexpected to say the least but then they are always full of suprises

2019 has the energy of a catalyst so we shall see what that brings –
The Journey has only just begun and continues to unfold at the speed of light, the new Lemuria is on her Way –

hope to see you all there Laura - Mehala xxxx